Our Belief

The Organization was founded on the belief that quality education is the undeniable right of every child and that children should not be deprived of this Just because they do not have access to it or the resources to realize their Dreams.

Our Vision

To provide the Continuous progress in the field of Health, Education, Old age, Street Animal care and Build a Society that is built on Respect for Dignity Justice and Equity for all.

Our Mission

To enable peoples collectives and movements encompassing diverse segments, to make people discover their particular strengths, working in partnership to secure, protect and create a sense of belongingness not only in between human but also for the animals too. Image Sewa Sansthan is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Improving the lives. We work for human health care, education for the child welfare, and for poor street animals. We believe that every living creature either the person or animal deserves the best chance for a good life and best future. For that, we run different campaigns along in Anath Ashram, Kusth Ashram, Baal Kalyan.